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Growing instructions for our coffee seeds

GROWING: Indoor cultivation is possible all year round. First place the seeds in a container with room-warm water for twelve hours to allow them to swell and thus improve their germination capacity. Only then place them about half a centimetre deep in moist growing soil. Cover the propagator with cling film and poke a few holes in the film. This protects the soil from drying out. Every two to three days you should remove the foil for 2 hours. This prevents mould from forming on the soil. Place the propagator in a bright and warm place with 20 to 25° Celsius and keep the soil moist, but not wet. Germination takes three to four weeks, although some time will pass before the cotyledons have completely detached from the bean.

LOCATION:The coffee plant prefers a sunny to half-shaded location and of course it can also be placed outside in a pot or tub during the summer months.

CARE: A mixture of three quarters humous soil and one quarter sand is ideal. The soil should be kept moist but free from waterlogging. During the period from April to September, it is best to provide your small coffee plant with pot plant fertiliser every three weeks.

WINTER: Originally from East Africa, the dwarf coffee is not hardy. It should therefore be kept in a bright place at temperatures not below 15° Celsius. To allow its wood to mature calmly, fertilisation is no longer recommended after October. Watering is also necessary in winter, albeit sparingly, so that the root ball does not dry out. To prevent the leaf tips from drying out, spray your plant more frequently with soft water during this time of year, especially if the heating air is dry.


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