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rucola sowing instruction


From March onwards, the plants can also be grown outside. Place the seed tape in a small seed groove of approx. 1 cm depth. Moisten the seed band slightly and cover it with moist soil. At a germination temperature of 15 - 20° C, germination takes place after an average of 8 - 14 days. If you sow the seed band in parts and at intervals of 2 weeks, you will regularly receive regrowing arugula.


Arugula loves a warm and sunny to semi-shady location.


The plant needs regular water and nutrients. Water generously, especially on hot days, but avoid waterlogging. Regular removal of weeds and loosening of the surrounding soil will thank the plants with a higher yield and aroma. Feed the plants regularly with organic vegetable fertiliser after planting and until approx. 2 - 3 weeks before harvest.


Have fun with your seeds!

rucola garden