Thank you for your purchase of our carrot seeds. Here you will find the instructions for sowing your seeds in English.

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carrot seedlings


Sowing can be done directly outdoors from March to June. Separate your seed band along the perforation into three strips and plant the strips at a row distance of at least 25 cm. Place the seed band into a small seed groove about 1 cm deep. Moisten the seed tape itself slightly and cover it with moist soil. At a germination temperature of 10 - 20°C, germination occurs after an average of 3 - 4 weeks.


Leave the carrots in the ground as long as possible and harvest when the leaf tips turn yellow or red. Only healthy and fully ripe carrots should be stored.


Ensure sufficient watering. As soon as the heads of the carrots peek out of the soil, pile them up so that they do not turn green.


Have fun with your seeds!

garden carrots