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As soon as the soil is frost-free, radishes can be sown at temperatures from about 10° C. Place the seed tape in 1 centimetre deep, shallow grooves, which you first line with some compost. The row spacing should be 10 centimetres. It takes about four to eight weeks from sowing to harvest. You can also grow radishes in balcony boxes. To do this, fill the box with organic vegetable soil and sow in the same way as for outdoor sowing.


Radishes need plenty of light and prefer semi-shaded, sheltered locations. At least three to four hours of sunshine a day are ideal.


Due to the short cultivation period, no special care measures are required. However, because of their rapid growth, especially in dry and hot weather, radishes should be watered sufficiently and evenly every day. Otherwise the bulbs become sharp and woody. If the previous crop is well fertilised and the soil is sufficiently loosened, radishes do not need any further fertilisation.

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