Thank you for your purchase of our sunflower seeds. Here you will find the instructions for sowing your seeds in English.

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Cultivation: Growing is best done between March and June. Simply place the seeds directly in the garden soil or in a tub of garden soil. In a pot, the ratio is 2 plants per 35 cm pot diameter, so that the plants do not compete too much for nutrients. Now keep the soil evenly moist. In warm temperatures the seeds will germinate after one to two weeks.

Location: The name says it all - sunflowers love and need light and they like full sun. This also applies to young plants.

Care: The need for water is high and you should take care of your sunflowers daily, especially in summer. The need for nutrients is also high and it is best to nurse them weekly with a liquid green plant fertilizer from April to September. Sunflowers are well suited as cut flowers for the vase. Remove all the leaves from the cut stem except the top two or three, so that the cut flowers will last longer in the vase.

Winter: Sunflowers are annual. If you leave the sunflowers standing upright in winter, they will still provide food for seed-eating birds.

Have fun with your seeds!

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